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Gennius is a healthcare technology company providing a business intelligence platform that delivers the complete technical readiness that will be needed by Accountable Care Organizations, and has it now.

Gennius offers community hospitals and other care organizations a solution that is ACO-ready and will be up and running within weeks. It provides the vitally needed systemization of ACO requirements, and information essential to creating an organizational culture of performance.

Gennius has invested ahead of the market which is developing now to build a uniquely capable platform with a vision of the kinds of capabilities would be needed. We have proven that solution with early marketplace technical success. Genniusí initial product sales have been to innovative organizations that are explicitly trying to establish new capabilities, both technically and operationally. Gennius has achieved significant technical milestones that demonstrate the platformís capabilities, including integration of source data from 20 EMR systems, 7 Payers, and 10 Million CCDs.

Genniusí engine has computed measures and submitted results for complex reporting programs, including Meaningful Use, ACO GPRO, and PQRS.

Gennius is a privately held company and the management team and Board of Directors consist of experienced healthcare industry veterans and leaders.
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